Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 51

Dear Family,
This week was mais ou menos. It wasn´t bad, but I got super disappointed this week. We found this very good family on Monday, (parents legally married and everything!) and they were super interested. And we kept following up with them during the week, but then out of nowhere, on Saturday, the dad answered the door and was just like "here take your pamphlet and everything, we´re not interested anymore. We´re gonna stay in our church. Thanks! Good night." and I was like What?!?!? I refused to leave until I knew why he wasn´t interested anymore. So he just told me that he doesn´t believe in the Book Of Mormon and that he had searched some things on the internet and that he didn´t agree with a bunch of things that he saw. I just told him that you can´t believe everything you see on the internet, but he wouldn´t tell me what he saw. I just did everything I could and told him how these teachings of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the church would bless and help them in their lives more than they can imagine, but he just kept saying that he was happy in his church. By the way, his church is called the Quadrangular church, which I´m pretty sure doesn´t exist in the United States haha. I was so sad, because they were such a good family and really wanted to go to church. :(

We´re still teaching that girl I told you about, but we´re having a hard time with her accepting a baptismal date. She doesn´t really have a reason for not accepting, because she said that she wants to, but she just won´t say why. It´s frustrating. She also has a hard time with her commitments. She´s only read the Book of Mormon one time since we began teaching her. We tell her how important it is every time we teach her, but she just won´t do it haha. We´ll just keep trying our best and hopefully everything works out with her. 

We´re also teaching this family now, but I can´t remember if I told you guys about them last week. The mom has a lot more interest than the dad, but the Mom works a lot on Sunday. The kids love church though! They go to all the activities and all the things that the church does, but it´s hard because we can´t baptize them because they´re not 16 years old :(. The mission rule is if they are less than 16 years old, they can´t be baptized until they go to church for 3 months. We´re not really sure what we should do with this family because they can´t really progress and we have to wait three months until Vitoria and Eliseu can be baptized. 

We´re still searching for new people to teach. We are teaching another lady named Elisangela, but we´re also having a hard time with her accepting a baptismal date. The number one excuse for people in Brazil in not accepting a date is that they are afraid that they won´t be able to keep the commandments after their baptism. Even when we explain about the Holy Ghost and everything, they still are afraid. we´re really trying our best to find new people.

Love you guys! Thank you all so much for all you do for me! Don´t worry mom, I´m flossing haha. Tchau!!

Elder Hanson
Colin is now a tree hugger - HAHA

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