Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Brazil Goania Mission - Goiania - Week 87

Dear Family,

Hey guys! So this week was super interesting. We baptized Flavia! It was so awesome. She was super excited and was teary eyed basically the whole time haha. Our Ward Mission Leader is awesome! He planned the baptism, like who would give some messages and he organized everything. It was probably the best baptismal service I´ve had so far my entire mission. We sang at the baptism! haha The American Sister (Sister Cutler)and I sang Be Still My Soul in English haha and my companion sang with us in Portuguese. They had me play the piano and sing it as well. It was really good! Flavia cried. Of course my companion hated it! But it´s all good! I´ll send some pics of the baptism.

Flavia's Baptism with ward members

Colin, Elder Santos, Flavia and Bishop

Making some soup on P-Day

Basquete lol para toda a vida

Unfortunately, Ana Clara was not baptized. We literally have no idea what in the world happened. It was honestly so weird. She passed in the interview and everything and the mom was totally supportive, but then the day of the baptism we kept calling them and they didn´t answer the phone. Then we went over to their house to give them a ride to the baptism, and they weren´t there! We still have no idea what happened. We´ll pass by there later to see. Haha this has never happened my whole mission so it was cray! 

So..... we were at President Kuceki´s house this week eating lunch and Pres. told Elder Santos that he was going to be transferred this week to the farthest city in the mission, and that he would be the group leader there! (There´s not even a branch yet in the city). He didn´t say anything to me, so I thought that I would be staying in the Goiânia ward, but nope! Surprise! I´ve been transferred again! I have no idea where, and I´ll find out on Wednesday. I was honestly so surprised. I don´t have any idea what will happen to me.

Cooper freaking ends his mission this week! That´s so crazy to me. I really did like his testimony that he sent. It really does seem like he´s changed haha.

Love you guys! Hope you get better mom! sorry about that.

Elder Hanson

Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 86

Dear Family,

Hey guys! This week passed by super fast. It seems like the weeks keep passing by faster and faster. I feel like it was yesterday that I was writing you guys haha I can´t believe it´s already been a week.

So Ana Clara was not baptized this week. Her mom (Luciana) wants her mom to see the baptism, and her mom lives in Brasilia, and so she´ll come this weekend to see it. Not a huge deal. But anyway! Flavia and Ana Clara will be baptized on Saturday!!! We´re really excited because the sisters that work in our ward (Sister Cutler from Virginia and Sister Amaral from Minas Gerais Brazil) will also have a baptism. They´ve been working really hard this transfer and have not seen any success so we´re happy for them. 

Good news! So you guys know that Leandro was a reference from a member from São Paulo right? Turns out that the guy who gave the reference used to be a mission president in Brasilia like 20 years ago and I believe is a stake president in São Paulo now. He found out that Leandro got baptized and sent a letter to the secretaries here congratulating us on the baptism. He said something like "Congrats to Elder Santos and Elder Hanson for the excellent work in baptizing Leandro". Haha he also said that he sent the Ensign to them and so they´ll have the Ensign coming to their house for at least a year. Cool huh? I forgot the guy´s name but I took a copy of the letter that he sent and when I come home you guys can see a copy of the letter lol. But it was really cool. 

Also! You guys remember Arlei right from Parque do Sabiá in Uberlândia? He´s preparing to go on a mission! I guess he´s getting all of his papers ready so that he can go next year. I´m super stoked for him and Elder Neeley is really excited about it too. Remember his sister Cristiana? When we were teaching them, only Arlei wanted to be baptized, but Cristiana was baptized last Saturday!!! That´s so awesome. Now Arlei will have support from his family in the church and that will help him stay even stronger. Also Alisson is preparing to go on his mission as well!! He just has to finish High School and he´ll already start his mission papers to be able to go next year! So awesome.

We found this lady named Karina this past week. She´s super interested in the church. She had heard a bunch of crap about the church from her mom, "Mormonism is..." Haha and so for some reason, she wanted to find out more about the Mormons. We gave her a book of Mormon and everything. We haven´t been able to teach her since then, but it looks promising!

Love you guys! I´m just gonna stick through this last week of the transfer with my companion because I´ve realized that it´s just the way he is! It´ll be great!

Elder Hanson

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 85

Dear Family,

     So this week went better. Actually, at the beginning of the week, it was going horrible haha. But then, it has gotten better and better every day.

     Anyways, this week was a rough week for our zone. The zone did not baptize a single person even though there were a few dates marked for this past week. Sunday came, and a lot of people with baptismal dates didn´t go to church so a lot of dates fell. But it´s okay! I´m not gonna get myself down because of that. It´ll all work out. My comp seems to be okay as well so that makes me happy. 

We have a date for this week! We have this lady named Luciana and her husband Weslei (not married) but they´ll get married next month! We´ll baptize Anna Clara, their daughter this Saturday! She´s super inteligent and loves church so it´ll be great. Next month will be Luciana´s baptism. She is super awesome! She invites all of her friends to come to church with her, and she doesn´t get down when they reject her. Weslei will have to wait a little longer because of some stuff he needs to take care of.  

Flavia will be baptized next Saturday! We´re super stoked for her to get married this week. She´s super awesome and basically has a calling already in the Primary haha. Só milagres!

Love you guys! Please don´t worry about me! Throughout my mission I have learned to be self animating? Haha don´t know if that´s a word or if that makes sense but I´ve learned that I´ve gotta keep myself motivated always or everything will go up in flames haha. I´m great! I´m loving my mission so much and I´ll be super sad when it´s done. Sorry my letters are a struggle!! haha you´ll see how bad my English is when I come home! Love you all!

Elder Hanson

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 84

Dear Family,

Hey guys! This week went by a lot better. Not perfect yet, but went better. We baptized Leandro! It was really awesome. Now we´re trying to work with his mom Daura. She hasn´t been to church these past couple of weeks, and she´s super catholic, so it´s kind of rough. She´s really nice though, and she cooks really well haha. We´re just gonna have to fast and pray so that she´ll be able to be baptized. Leandro was the first church headquarters reference that I´ve baptized on my mission, which is pretty cool. They used to live in São Paulo, and they knew some members there. They moved to Goiânia and the member got in contact with the mission office here and gave us the reference. Cool huh? He´s going to institute and everything which will be really good for him.

Colin and Elder Santos

Leandro's Baptism with Ward Members

Leandro's baptism

Elder Lee and Colin. Colin trained Elder Lee

As with the companionship, it hasn´t gotten much better haha.I thought that if we baptized one person, that he would be happy, but no. I seriously have no idea what it is. I´m just gonna let it go because I think it´s just the way he is. It´s super depressing haha because it´s just us two that live in the house and so there´s not much talking that goes on. I was thinking about it too, even though his last companion didn´t want to do anything, that doesn´t mean that he was helpless! I don´t know why he didn´t at least try to work with him, that doesn´t make any sense to me. They didn´t have any success at all and he put all the blame on his last companion. But it´s alright. I´ll try doing the things that you guys told me and that Dave told me as well and see what happens. I´ll hope for the best. It´s not that we´re not united, we have the same goals and everything and we want to do the same things, it´s really just the way he treats me and the whole situation with his last companion is really strange. I don´t know. We´ll see what happens.

We didn´t really find very many new people to teach this week. All the people that we found didn´t go to church. It was one of those weeks where we found a lot of people, but no one went to church. We are still teaching Cícera, but she´s not super excited about the baptism, so we´ll see with her. 

The Goiânia stake is going to be divided in the next couple of weeks! Elder Adukatis is coming to Goiania to announce it and everything. It´ll be sweet! Now there´ll be 3 stakes in Goiânia. (It is crazy to think about Farmington has like 5 stakes and 14,000 people. Goiania has 2 stakes and has a million people haha) Vai ser bom demais!

Other than that, nothing much has happened. We had a zone meeting this last week and I was sicker than a freaking dog doing it haha. But that´s not too exciting...

Love you guys! By the way, I´ve gotten all of the packages haha I always forget to tell you guys. I love the shoes! Thank you so much! You don´t know how bad I was needing them haha.

Elder Hanson

By the way, why is Konnor doing his homecoming in St. George? does sherry live in St. George now?

Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 83

Dear Family,

Hey! This week was pretty good but was kind of a trying week for me. My companion is really stressing me out! I´m not quite sure what to do about it. I know that when all is said and done that I will have learned a ton of patience haha. He makes some really rude comments to me sometimes, and criticizes pretty much everything I do haha. I don´t really think he has a whole lot of trust in me. Don´t know why. Since I´ve gotten here, we´ve had more success that this area has had than it has in 5 transfers haha. I don´t know really what to do. I´m not really sure what his problem is. But I´m praying and I´m hoping that everything will work out in the end. But it´ll be fine, I´m not too worried.

We´re still teaching the same people, except we found this lady named Cicera this past week. She´s this funny old lady who´s been to church a few times already in Rio Verde actually. Her daughter is a member, who lives in São Paulo, and so she already knows a few things about the church. She seems like she´ll be a challenge, but I have the faith that it´ll all work out. She really likes going to our church, she´s just scared of baptism. (Another thing, I am literally the only one who is inviting people to be baptized now).

The ward is really awesome! I am loving the people of the ward. There´s a few members that seem to just look for stupid things to be mad at the missionaries for haha, but it´s fine! Our Ward Mission Leader is really good, gets a little frustrated at times haha, but he´s by far the best Mission Leader I´ve had so far on my mission. 

We will have a baptism this Saturday! Leandro is going to be baptized and we´re really excited about it. 

Other than that, nothing too exciting has happened. Don´t worry about me! I´m sure everything will work out between me and Elder Santos. Love you guys!

Elder Hanson