Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Brazil Goania Mission - Goiania - Week 87

Dear Family,

Hey guys! So this week was super interesting. We baptized Flavia! It was so awesome. She was super excited and was teary eyed basically the whole time haha. Our Ward Mission Leader is awesome! He planned the baptism, like who would give some messages and he organized everything. It was probably the best baptismal service I´ve had so far my entire mission. We sang at the baptism! haha The American Sister (Sister Cutler)and I sang Be Still My Soul in English haha and my companion sang with us in Portuguese. They had me play the piano and sing it as well. It was really good! Flavia cried. Of course my companion hated it! But it´s all good! I´ll send some pics of the baptism.

Flavia's Baptism with ward members

Colin, Elder Santos, Flavia and Bishop

Making some soup on P-Day

Basquete lol para toda a vida

Unfortunately, Ana Clara was not baptized. We literally have no idea what in the world happened. It was honestly so weird. She passed in the interview and everything and the mom was totally supportive, but then the day of the baptism we kept calling them and they didn´t answer the phone. Then we went over to their house to give them a ride to the baptism, and they weren´t there! We still have no idea what happened. We´ll pass by there later to see. Haha this has never happened my whole mission so it was cray! 

So..... we were at President Kuceki´s house this week eating lunch and Pres. told Elder Santos that he was going to be transferred this week to the farthest city in the mission, and that he would be the group leader there! (There´s not even a branch yet in the city). He didn´t say anything to me, so I thought that I would be staying in the GoiĆ¢nia ward, but nope! Surprise! I´ve been transferred again! I have no idea where, and I´ll find out on Wednesday. I was honestly so surprised. I don´t have any idea what will happen to me.

Cooper freaking ends his mission this week! That´s so crazy to me. I really did like his testimony that he sent. It really does seem like he´s changed haha.

Love you guys! Hope you get better mom! sorry about that.

Elder Hanson

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