Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 88

Dear Family,

Hey guys! So this week was a week full of surprises and a lot of unexpected things haha. I was transferred! I honestly don´t know why, but I know President Kuceki was inspired so I´ll go with it. I was transferred to another area in Goiania that´s called Balneário. It´s right next to my very first area in Brazil, Jardim Curitiba. The companionships in my area are two companionships of sisters haha and the two other Elders. I´ve never had sisters in my area before so that should be interesting haha. There´s another companionship of sisters in the ward, and one is from Africa! Crazy huh? She´s from an island called Cape Verde, if you´ve ever heard of it and so she speaks Portuguese and Creole. It´s an area that hasn´t had too many baptisms this past year. President loves putting me in challenging areas haha but it´ll be great. Elder Webb is in my zone! He´s in Jardim Curitiba now.

My companion is Elder Pinheiro, who´s been on his mission for about 8 months. He´s kind of a goof haha but I like him so far. He´s from Belém Brazil (which means Bethlehem in Portuguese haha) which is a really really hot city like right on the equator. 

Conference was awesome. I really did love it. I thought it was really interesting that a lot of the talks had the same topic basically. They talked a lot on how we need to support the leaders and especially the prophet, that we need to gain our own testimony of them and that they are called of God. I thought that it was really interesting haha and I thought that the prophet was going to change some huge commandment or something, i was just waiting for it but it didn´t happen. The great thing about conference, was that I watched it in English! Holy crap it´s been a long time since I´ve heard someone speak English haha. There´s an Elder in the zone here that was so mad that they were going to watch it in POrtuguese (because he´s new in the mission and doesn´t speak Portuguese yet) and was so happy when he found out that the Americans could watch it in English. He was like "the church is only true in English" haha

I loved all of the talks, but my favorite talk I think was from Dieter F. Uchtdorf, when he talked about how we can´t be offended so easily and that we need to be spiritually prepared with our own testimony and not blame other people for our faults and for the bad things that happen in our life. I feel like that happens a lot, especially here. a lot of the less active members fell away when bad things happened in their lives and they blamed it on other people. We need to have our own testimony of the gospel so that when horrible things happen, we can be prepared and overcome them more easily. I liked Elder Bednar´s, of course Elder Holland´s, and Elder Godoy´s talk as well! (Because it was in Portuguese haha) Elder Christofferson´s talk was really good as well.

We´re teaching right now a young couple (who don´t live together! Milagre!) who went to conference and they liked it a lot, Thaynara and Jonathon. We haven´t taught them a whole lot until now, but they both have a date for the 18th. Pray for them so that they can progress and be baptized that day! We just have to teach the Law of Chastity to them and it should work out haha.

Love you guys! This week was a super humbling week, and I was really grateful for it. Can´t believe how straight Noah´s teeth are now! He looks like a normal child now hahaha jk lol

Elder Hanson

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