Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 84

Dear Family,

Hey guys! This week went by a lot better. Not perfect yet, but went better. We baptized Leandro! It was really awesome. Now we´re trying to work with his mom Daura. She hasn´t been to church these past couple of weeks, and she´s super catholic, so it´s kind of rough. She´s really nice though, and she cooks really well haha. We´re just gonna have to fast and pray so that she´ll be able to be baptized. Leandro was the first church headquarters reference that I´ve baptized on my mission, which is pretty cool. They used to live in São Paulo, and they knew some members there. They moved to Goiânia and the member got in contact with the mission office here and gave us the reference. Cool huh? He´s going to institute and everything which will be really good for him.

Colin and Elder Santos

Leandro's Baptism with Ward Members

Leandro's baptism

Elder Lee and Colin. Colin trained Elder Lee

As with the companionship, it hasn´t gotten much better haha.I thought that if we baptized one person, that he would be happy, but no. I seriously have no idea what it is. I´m just gonna let it go because I think it´s just the way he is. It´s super depressing haha because it´s just us two that live in the house and so there´s not much talking that goes on. I was thinking about it too, even though his last companion didn´t want to do anything, that doesn´t mean that he was helpless! I don´t know why he didn´t at least try to work with him, that doesn´t make any sense to me. They didn´t have any success at all and he put all the blame on his last companion. But it´s alright. I´ll try doing the things that you guys told me and that Dave told me as well and see what happens. I´ll hope for the best. It´s not that we´re not united, we have the same goals and everything and we want to do the same things, it´s really just the way he treats me and the whole situation with his last companion is really strange. I don´t know. We´ll see what happens.

We didn´t really find very many new people to teach this week. All the people that we found didn´t go to church. It was one of those weeks where we found a lot of people, but no one went to church. We are still teaching Cícera, but she´s not super excited about the baptism, so we´ll see with her. 

The Goiânia stake is going to be divided in the next couple of weeks! Elder Adukatis is coming to Goiania to announce it and everything. It´ll be sweet! Now there´ll be 3 stakes in Goiânia. (It is crazy to think about Farmington has like 5 stakes and 14,000 people. Goiania has 2 stakes and has a million people haha) Vai ser bom demais!

Other than that, nothing much has happened. We had a zone meeting this last week and I was sicker than a freaking dog doing it haha. But that´s not too exciting...

Love you guys! By the way, I´ve gotten all of the packages haha I always forget to tell you guys. I love the shoes! Thank you so much! You don´t know how bad I was needing them haha.

Elder Hanson

By the way, why is Konnor doing his homecoming in St. George? does sherry live in St. George now?

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