Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Jardim Curitiba ~ Week 12

Dear Family!

Oi!!!!!! How the Freak are you guys???? I freaking miss you all sooooooo much.

This week has been another hard week for me.  I feel like I didn't progress in the language AT ALL this week and it's the most frustrating thing in the world. I'm definitely doing my best to study hard. I'm trying to love it and I know I will in time but for now it's just hard. Before I forget PLEASE SEND ME ALL MY FRIENDS EMAILS if you can find them. I need my friends to email me:(  Thanks to Timmy, Sam Merrill, Uncle Dave, Aunt Jacque, and Grandma & Grandpa Hanson who all wrote me this last week. I really need emails to keep me going.

Anyways! We are really worried about our baptism with Hellen. We're going to have to reschedule her again because she didn't go to Church on Sunday. So frustrating! Thanks for your prayers & putting Hellen's name in the Temple, Mom. For some good news, we set another baptismal date with this 30 year old woman named, Djanete (gee-shan-echee) haha. I love her, she is seriously my favorite person to teach haha because she is so entertaining and says the weirdest things (she says Gracas a Jesus instead of Gracas a Deus haha). Djanete is louco but she went to church on Sunday and we have a date set for her on April 27th. I'm really praying that it goes through!!! We are still teaching investigators like crazy & I really feel like our lessons are going well, I guess haha. Still  can't understand some of what they're saying lol. I can teach a little bit better than before but just talking with people on the street is hard for me, right now. I'm staying close to The Lord and I'm studying my butt off so I'm hoping for some miracles:) with these baptisms.

You know how I talked about that Jungle that's close to where we live? Yeah, we walked through the jungle a few days ago and we saw like 30 little monkeys. If I would've known we were going to go through the jungle, I would've brought my camera with me! They were all baby monkeys, we didn't see any mothers but it was still pretty cool. It was really beautiful, I swear they filmed Avatar in that very jungle haha.

We don't ever have dinner here. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day and we have rice and beans everyday, YUM!  I'm always hungry haha and I know I've lost weight because we walk everywhere and we never eat. If I haven't lost 20 lbs by the time I come home I might have to punch someone lol. My pants are starting to fall off me and I'm almost to the last hole thing on my belt....anyways, I'm not as obese as before. Although my companion called me fat at least 4 times this week which I was super stoked about to say the least :/ Not.

Haha We ran into a guy last week while street contacting and his name was Ignacio (like Nacho Libre) hahahahaha. I almost started laughing:):):) but he wasn't interested in our message anyway lol. Also, we saw a lady nurse her baby right in front of us, so yeah, there's that haha. Other than that crap I'm doing fine & haven't been sick at all this week.

I hope you're all doing okay! Love you all so much and I just now looked like a freaking retard because I had to talk to this Brazilian guy and I have no idea what he said, so anyways,
 love you! Eu amo voce!

Love, Elder Colin Hanson


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