Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 28

Dear Family,

Hey guys!! It sounds like Yellowstone and Jackson Hole was super Awesome, so I hope you guys had fun lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We baptized Joao Paulo this week!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was honestly a MIRICLE. I think I already talked about how he had a word of wisdom probpem and he stopped this completely! It was so AWESOME!!

We are continuing to teach Raimundo, who is super observant and has so many questions. We literally talked to him for like 2 hours yesterday haha trying to answer all of his questions. We know that he knows This Church is TRUE, so it's confusing to us as to why he has all these questions but he's Awesome! Other than this, I wasn't really in my area hardly at all this week lol.

Anyway........ I HAVE NEVER WALKED SO MUCH IN MY WHOLE LIFE. Seriously, the past few days, it's been like trek X  5 haha. I went to Goiania with Elder Srur, my Zone Leader from Belem Brazil, because his companion already went to Goiania earlier this week. There was this Elder in my district who got really sick and had to be transferred to Goiania, and so the other zone leader had to be with him when he left. They needed someone to go with Elder Srur to Goiania because they had a leadership meeting with President Kuceki. So I stayed in the mission office and just studied for four hours haha. It was sweet! But after, we went and did splits with Elders in our Zone in Jatai, which is a city about an hour away from Rio Verde. It's on a huge hill, so it was super tiring to walk on lol. They have a statue of Jesus on the mountain, like in Rio de Janeiro. It's pretty cool! I worked with an Elder named Elder Barros from São Paulo and it was pretty good. I learned a lot of things during this split. Also, they asked me to make a program for our zone lol! We're making a lot of baptismal dates with our investigators as a zone but some of the dates are falling through because the investigators aren't going to church. So they had me make a program of how we can teach the investigators understand the importance of going to church. It was actually harder than I thought it would be hahaha. But I showed it to Elder Srur and he said that it was great! So that made me feel good. He had me show it to the Elders in Jatai as well lol which was kind of nerve-wracking (how the heck do you spell this?) and I think they liked it too. I'm hoping that this program will work :/

Nothing much happened to me this week. I hope you guys had a ton of fun in Yellowstone! I'm jealous! But everything is super good here!!!! Love you guys so much! Eu os amo DEMAIS!!!!! Espero que voces tem uma semana muito boa! Tchau!

Elder Hanson

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