Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 33

Dear Family,

Sorry I emailed your email to everybody last week haha. I didn't mean to do that. I just want to send my emails that I send you guys, to my close friends that are on their missions so they know what's happening here in Brazil. Sorry! I'm super retarded when it comes to things like this haha.

Anyway! This week was better than last week. Yesterday, we got Raianne to commit to be baptized this Thursday! It's gonna be on Thursday because we're pretty sure that Elder Di Giordano will leave for home on Friday and Raianne wants to be baptized while Elder Di Giordano is still here! Hopefully, she's over her fear of water haha.

We did divisions on Wednesday, but I stayed in my area this week. We honestly do divisions so much here lol. But it was good this time, because I didn't have to leave my area. We just knocked on a lot of doors and on one street we found a bunch of people to teach and they all wanted to go to church! It was actually really cool. What's annoying, is a lot of people commit to go to church and still won't go :/. On that one street, we found 9 new people who said they would go, and only 2 actually came to Church :(. We went to this one lady's house who loved our lesson and said that she really wanted to go to Church. So we went back to her house to confirm that she would go and she was there cleaning a bunch of stuff. Her husband got super mad at us for no reason and was like "Can't you see that my Woman is cleaning?" (That's what Brazilian men call their wives hahahahaha). Then he told us to leave!! Super strange, but anyway, she didn't go to church :/.

We went and visited  Naivi (name change) at her house the other day and she is doing a ton better! She told us that she realized that a lot of people have much worse problems than she does. She is about ready to pop haha so she wasn't able to go to church yesterday.  Keep praying for her and her baby.

Our Zone was number one in the mission this month with 31 baptisms! So we got to have a water balloon fight this morning haha.

Elder Lee, Elder Lobos, Colin, Elder Di Giordano

Rio Verde Zone, Brazil Goiania Mission

Elder Pontes, Colin, Elder Lins
Brazil Goiania Mission

Other than that, I realized that on September 12, it's been a year since I got my Mission call to Goiania Brazil!!! Crazy how time flies. Anyway!!!! Love you guys so much! I pray for you constantly, still. Tchau!

Elder Hanson

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