Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 35

Dear Family,
     Well...I was not transferred hahahahaha. I'm still in Rio Verde just trying to kill it like I always do! lol
Guess What? I'm TRAINING! HAHA. A gringo too! Elder Thomas is from Colorado and he just barely got to the mission on Wednesday. I had no idea that I was going to be training too. They called me like 3 hours before I had to go pick him up and told me that I was going to be training!. So Crazy! Elder Lobos was transferred though and now we have a Brazilian named Elder De Jesus living with us.

     Elder Thomas is cool. He is already speaking Portuguese better than I did when I got to the mission. He's not afraid to talk to anybody either. He got his Visa before he left on his mission so he went to the MTC in Sao Paulo. I think that it would have helped me with my Portuguese to have gone to the MTC in São Paulo, because they only speak Portuguese there haha. But he's learning about everything so quickly. I am trying to teach him everything that I know because I actually want to help him (unlike my trainer) because I never really was trained. I basically had to learn everything myself. He is trying to help me as well, because he knows that it's my first time being a trainer. But he's not afraid to say if he thinks that I could have done something better in our lessons haha so I think that it's a good companionship. He's not stressed out like crazy like I am, either haha. I think I was a straight up girl when I got to Brazil. I'm a little stressed out though, but I think everything will work out well.

     This week did not go too great. We had so many people say they would come to church and literally, nobody came. So Annoying! We passed by all of their houses Sunday morning and all of them weren't there or gave some lame excuse. I hate that so much! Why say that you are going if you aren't going to go?

     But we did see a miracle happen. So we were passing by one of the people's houses yesterday trying to get them to church and their neighbor passed by Elder Thomas and Elder Lins (an Elder in by district who helped us get people to go to church) and Elder Lins invited him to go to church and the guy actually went! So we passed by his house yesterday and he is super interested in the church now! He and his wife are legally married. They are interested and really want to hear the Prophet speak on Sunday. They are religious but starting to doubt the truthfulness of their church (his wife went on for an hour about tithing hahaha). That's one thing about Brazil, the people ALWAYS say the same thing at least three times before they let us start to speak. Whenever we knock on doors it's always like that haha. So she said like 3 times the exact same thing and we were just like "we understood you the first time." haha  But I LOVE the Brazilian people so much!!!

     We had to drop a lot of people this week because they didn't go to church. It's sad, but there's not much you can do after you have done your part and the people still don't change. Everyone has to do their part. Naiviv (name change) was one of the people we had to drop this week and so that was pretty sad. She just doesn't have any desire to change at all.

     So this is super random, but this morning I got out of bed to pray and I felt something on the back of my neck. So I smacked it because I thought it was a mosquito. But then I got up and went to the bathroom and I felt it again when I walked in. I smacked it again and a huge cockroach fell on my shoulder! I literally almost started crying it scared me so bad haha. It's Elder Lee's fault haha because he sleeps on the top bunk and last night he said he saw 2 cockroaches in his bed and he said they fell to the floor when he tried to kill them. But I guess they did not fall to the floor, they fell on me! It's all his fault haha!

     Nothing much else happened this week. I'm really excited to train Elder Thomas and everything will go great. Love you guys so much! Tchau!

Elder Hanson

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