Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 21

Dear Family,

Hey Family!!!! I hope you guys are doing well this week, HAPPY LATE FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!! Father's day isn't really big in Brazil haha I barely even heard about this week. Weird because Mother's Day is huge here!!! I hope you had a great Father's Day Meu Pai ;) Love you!!!

Anyways! We had one baptism this week, we almost had two but Anyat (name change), backed out literally at the last minute. He said something happened that day but he didn't want to say. Then yesterday at Church, he told Elder Lima what happened but I was talking to someone else at the time, so I didn't hear what happened. Yeah,  I literally have no idea what happened but he says he wants to be baptized before Elder Lima goes home. So we're hoping he'll be baptized this Friday!! Bom DEMAIS!!!!! We could use your prayers for him.

The BAPTISM that DID happen was this guy named Amaury ( Ah-man-dee lol). He was actually a contact that my zone leader had a few months back when he was in this area. This was before I came to Rio Verde. They taught him the lessons and were hoping to baptize Amaury. But apparently there were a few issues and so he couldn't be baptized. He really loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ so he always kept going to Church. Then, Last Sunday, he told Elder Lima and I that he wanted to be baptized this week! Everything lined up so we literally didn't do anything haha but he was Baptized!!! It was SUPER COOL because he wanted to be BAPTIZED MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!!! It was Awesome!!!! The Spirit was so strong!!

Elder Lima, Amaury, Elder Colin Hanson
Cooper taught 90 lessons this past week in Guatemala!! Holy Fudge! How is that even possible?!?!?!?! It is our goal to teach 40 lessons every week. This makes me proud of Cooper and it makes me want to work my butt off and go hard as well! BTW! We didn't have the Big Conference this last week haha. No one knows why we didn't have it or when it will take place?! Elder Lima goes to Goiania and it is the end of his mission this Friday, which means that I will get a new companion this week :( I'm hoping it will be one of the Elders that's staying in the same house as us, Elder Di Giordano. His companion also goes home this week. Elder Di Giordano is an Italian from California, he is really cool, and I'm praying we'll become companions!

Portuguese.... I feel like I can have a decent conversation with people! But it depends on the people haha. There's some people that speak a different dialect of Portuguese haha so it's tough to understand all that they say. I'm still working on conjugating all the verbs properly but it's coming. Elder Lima understands everything I say so it's getting so much better! We haven't been robbed for forever because we've been smarter about everything!

Nothing much else has happened. I hope you guys are doing well and that Erik and his gurl aren't getting too serious (soulmates). I hope Noah isn't doing DRUGS hahaha!!!! I hope Mom & Dad are doing well lol. Love you all! OS AMO MUITO!!!!!

Elder Hancao

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