Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 54

Dear Family,

So I´ll start off this week answering your "couple" questions from dad. haha

1. What are you doing for fun? 
We don´t do anything for fun hahaha there is literally nothing to do in our area and we´re not allowed to leave it unless we have special permission. It´s all just work work work work and then sleep on P days. 
2. Do you go sight seeing?
First of all, sight seeing? Who says that? Haha but no. Like I said, we´re not allowed to have fun :/ lol.
3. I hear there is a big park or zoo by you. Do you go there?
See the above questions. That should tell you.
4. How is the food? Are the members taking care of you?
The food is the same every day. I honestly look forward to it though. They always make rice, beans, some type of meat, pasta, and salad. Usually they make some type of juice as well, like Mango, Maracuja, Orange. Any type of juice really. Sometimes members will just give us money to eat at a restaurant, which consists of rice, beans, and meat hahaha.
5. What about your health? You are exercising? Do you run or play BBall?
We´re not allowed to go to the gym and no Brazilians play basketball so we usually just stretch in the mornings haha 
6. Do you go into the city? Should be lots to see there. PHOTOS?
See the above questions.
7. Have they said anything about Carnival?
They said that in the center of Uberlandia it gets CRAZY!!! But I think it will be the second week of March or something like that and so nothing will happen in my area. I´m pretty sure we´re going to just work like normal.
8. What is the mission plan for the World Cup? How are they going to use the event for missionary work?
No idea. But everything just SHUTS DOWN in Brazil during the world cup. Not sure what will happen. Vai ser doido demais!

By the way, I have not gotten any of your packages. We have a zone meeting tomorrow, so hopefully I´ll get them then, but if not, honestly somebody must have stole them along the way to Brazil. We need to be careful with the packages because I guess a lot of people will just steal them. I´m honestly a little bit worried about it.

This week was alright. We´re still struggling finding new people to teach and honestly, with the family nights, I don´t know what I could do better. It´s so frustrating. We didn´t do any this week because none of our members want to do one. It´s frustrating because we´re basically encouraged to still try and do them. But it´s annoying to the members if we´re asking them to do one every five seconds. All of the members tell us that they want to do more activities at church, which I completely agree with. 

Also, Rose (the one with the Muslim boyfriend) called us and said that her boyfriend doesn´t want us coming over anymore :(. It was so sad! She said that she would come to church still, but she ended up not going yesterday. It made me so sad, but I have to respect the boyfriend´s beliefs. Nothing we can really do about it.

Maura also has been difficult this week. She said that she could not come to church because she had to go to her sister´s house, but then we saw her walking down the street before church by her house :/. She´s not really progressing, even though she told us that she received an answer to her prayers. 

All of these trials are what´s making me stronger though. I know that everything will work out and we´ll have success. We just got to keep pushing through and keep having faith, and vai dar certo. :)

Love you guys! Hope  everything is going well with you all! 

Elder Hanson

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