Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 67

Dear Family,

Hey guys! Holy poop I freaking loved skyping you guys yesterday! Dad you said that I was quiet, it´s because everyone was in the freaking room with me and I felt super awkward with them there! I couldn´t really do anything about it though, they wanted to be there lol. But at least you guys got to meet my companion and everything.

Colin and his companion Elder Bezerra and the other Elders Colin lives with in Uberaba

Happy Colin on Skype

The Grandparents and family after talking with Colin on Skype.
Oh, before I forget, I need American food!!!! That´s what I really miss haha. It would be great if I could get some Reeses, Cookie dough Oreos (best thing in the world), Mac and Cheese (Kraft, not Great Value por favor), and some chips (Lays), you know, all the unhealthy stuff.

This week was full of milagres (Miracles)!!! We had a baptism like I told you guys about yesterday. It literally came out of nowhere this baptism!! There´s this guy named Pedro that has been going to church for a couple of weeks now but we could never find his house. Then finally, a member was able to find his house and took us there and we invited him to be baptized and he accepted! It was such a blessing. He´s super humble and super nice and it was just awesome. The only thing is (you´ll all hate me), I forgot to bring my camera to the baptism :/ . But I´ll get a picture with him so that you guys can see him someday. Don´t worry.

We´re also teaching this guy named Ricardo like I told you guys yesterday too. Really humble guy. He absolutely loved church on sunday and is super excited to be baptized. We discovered yesterday that he smokes, but he promised us that he would stop so that he could prepare  himself to be baptized. It´s a weird situation, because he lives with his girlfriend. (that´s the thing that I love about Brazil, there are no secrets haha) and they just act like it´s a normal thing. She´s going to move out soon to São Paulo and then he´ll be able to be baptized. So awesome!

Well, other than that, I´ve pretty much told you guys everything that is going on. We went to Goiânia on Tuesday to have a meeting with president, the assistants, and the other zone leaders and it was a little bit tense haha. President wasn´t happy about the results from last month and so there was a lot of changes that happened. It´ll be good though. 

Love you guys!!! Tchau!!!

Elder Hanson

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