Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 68

Dear Family,

This week was super cray! Actually I don´t have too much to write about this week haha not that much happened. 

First of all! I can´t believe that they (Colby and Shannon)had Elder Cook do the sealing ordinance!! That´s so nuts! I always look at the pictures first before I read the emails and I saw that picture of him with Colby, and I was like, wow that looks a lot like Elder Cook (I thought it was like Shannon´s grandparents or something) and then I read that it was actually Elder Cook who did the sealing!!! That like blows my mind! Also, Noah is starting to look exactly like Erik!! I saw that picture of him, and I thought it was Erik when I first saw it. What the heck? Everyone´s changing :(. Noah is starting to look like Erik, and I am starting to look like nobody :(. Haha I honestly think I was adopted. I don´t look like any of you at all.

We were all over the place this week looking for new people. Ricardo is progressing really well. The only thing is is that he isn´t reading the Book of Mormon, but he´s already told us that he knows it´s true and that he really wants to be baptized. He has one cigarette left in his house, and so we asked if we could see it. we wrote on it that the cigarette is the enemy and that he will not smoke it. Haha he said that it would stay in his house forever as a reminder that he won´t ever do it again. We´ll acompany him tonight with all of that and see where it goes. He´s gotta get rid of his girlfriend!

My first experience this week!! haha it was nuts. It didn´t scare me, it just gave me horrible feelings. We passed by this lady´s house earlier this week, and her daughter (or we thought it was her daughter) told us that she wasn´t home and to come back another day (we never really got a clear view of her) We came back and she was saying that she wasn´t sure if she wanted to let us in, but we talked with her and eventually she let us in. Then all of a sudden she started ranting off about her and her husband and how they were super "sick" and everything was going wrong in their lives. She was acting super strange and kept repeating the same things over and over. Turns out, she doesn´t have a daughter and she told us that she "changed her voice" so as to get us to leave because of all the bad things that were happening. but I know that she couldn´t have changed her voice like that. She´s a chain smoker, and her voice is super deep, and the girl´s voice that other day was super high and clearly wasn´t her. Haha then my companion stopped her and was like "sister, there is something behind you right this minute, that´s bringing all these horrible things into your life. What you need to do, is keep the commandments of God and go to church, and these things will be gone from your life. If you don´t keep the commandments, these evil things will continue to control your life. We´re going to give you and your husband a blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, and then we´ll leave." She agreed, and I gave her a blessing, and Elder Bezerra gave the dad a blessing, and the horrible feelings went away. They were super different after, like super calm. It was really weird haha maybe you guys would have to be there to understand it :/.

I honestly don´t have like anything to say this week. I love the mission, loving the people, the culture, it´s all just great. The only thing that prevents me from living in Brazil is that it´s too hot. Haha I couldn´t handle this heat for the rest of my life. The Lord is blessing us in many ways and my testimony has grown so strong. Looking back, before my mission I was a straight up retard. I honestly didn´t know hardly anything about the gospel. It´s honestly something that I regret. I feel like I could have had a lot more success in helping these people at the beginning of my mission if I knew what I know now. But it´s all good! The Lord has a plan for me and is just helping me progress. I just gotta trust in Him every day and I know that I´ll keep growing. 

Love you guys! Thank you so much for all that you do and I´m so grateful for all you guys do. 

Elder Hanson

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