Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013 ~ Butte, Montana ~ Week 6

Hey Guys!

I was allowed to email today but you guys should be getting a letter in the next few days. I'm sorry our phone call was so short!  I really do feel so bad.  I promise that when I get my visa for Brazil, I'll talk to you for a long time when I'm at the airport.

I'm in Butte, Montana right now and that's probably where I will serve the entire time I'm in Montana unless my visa doesn't come around the time of my transfer in 6 weeks.  They told me that there was an Elder awhile ago who didn't get his Visa until he was in Montana for seven months!  I would hate it if that was me lol.

We haven't done any proselyting yet because my companions are zone leaders of the area and they're super busy all the time.  I think though that we're going to this afternoon, I don't know lol they haven't really taught me anything yet even though they're my trainers :/ haha  They're great though! Most of the people they teach are from referrals given to them by members.  I don't know why, I guess they just don't have much success proselyting here.  A lot of people they teach are inactive members too. The people here are super redneck, like the biggest rednecks I've ever seen in my life lol but I'm excited.

My companions are Elder Carter from Beaver, Utah and Elder Hopkins and he's from Florida.  They're great, but it was awkward because I met them right during a conference call they were having with the president haha and so I didn't really know what to do for 40 minutes and I sort of just sat there :/  It's okay though, I think they're just sick of having to train these Elders that get reassigned here and then they leave like right after.  I'm the third Elder that they've had to train that was reassigned lol.

It's really pretty up here!  There's a huge Mary statue on the mountain overlooking the city of Butte, so that's kind of cool.  It's like the Cristo O Redentor Statue in Rio De Janeiro Brazil.  I guess it's supposedly bigger than the Statue of Liberty. Weird that I've never heard of it!

                                    Lady of The Rockies Statue in Butte, Montana

The Elders that traveled with me to Billings all went to different places.  Elder Wallace stayed in Billings in the mission home, Elder Moffitt went to Bozeman, and then they dropped me off in Butte, and Elder Dahl went to Great Falls. It was so weird saying goodbye to all of them.

My Mission President, President Mecham and his wife are really nice!  We had lunch at the mission home after they picked us up from the airport and then they gave us our mission stuff and then we left around 3 for our areas.  It took like 3 hours to get to Butte but it was seriously the fastest car ride ever for some reason.  My Companions were meeting with members and so they dropped me off with these other two Elders for awhile haha.  I didn't meet my companions til like 8:30 pm.

I'm so nervous for everything!  Street contacting seems like it would be the scariest thing in the world and I'm so worried for it.  But I'm excited at the same time! But you know how I am, I want to be perfect with everything right from the start. I just need stop being like that haha. My companions have been out for so long, they know what they're doing. BTW Every companionship gets cars here!  It's crazy.

I'll let you know everything that happens this week in my next Email or letter!  I'm so excited and I hope I'm ready!  Love you guys so much!  Thank you for all you do!  Tchau!  Eu Amo Voce!

Elder Colin Hanson

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