Sunday, March 3, 2013

March 1, 2013~Temporary Reassignment~Week 5

Hey Guys!!

How are you?  I'm doing great here.  I got my reassignment yesterday.  I got reassigned to the Billings, Montana mission haha.  Honestly, I was so disappointed yesterday and I was really angry for a couple of hours because the other people in my district got reassigned to New York, Alabama, and Tennessee.  But then I realized I was being super gay about it and got over it pretty quickly.  It doesn't matter where I go as long as the Lord needs me there you know?  I guess I just had my heart set on the East coast somewhere and that's why I was disappointed.  But oh well!  Hopefully my Brazil Visa comes quickly because it will be freezing in Montana haha.

My companion left for Brazil on Tuesday.  It was so weird saying goodbye to him.  But I really do like my new companion even though we'll be companions for only a week lol.

Oh by the way, I leave on Monday for Montana, but I'm not sure when because they haven't given me my travel plans yet. Also, they won't let me call you guys today because it's p-day :(  I know it's so gay but I will email you tonight and let you know when I am leaving on Monday.  It'll probably be pretty early in the morning because everyone that has left on reassignments has had to leave early in the morning.

Anyways!  I will email you guys tonight and talk more on what happened this week.  So please get on at 5 so we can talk for an hour!  Love you all so much Eu amo Voces!

Love, Elder Colin Hanson


Hi Again!!
My flight leaves at 9:48 in the morning. We get to Montana at 11:15, so crazy!  If you're on we can talk for awhile.  I guess they're going to allow us to call you guys tonight at like 9:45 so just expect a call.  I'm not sure if it will happen for sure but they will for sure let me call tomorrow if not tonight.  Also, it will only be for about 5 minutes,  I know it's so gay but that's all they allow here.  Love you guys so much!

Elder Colin Hanson

Hi Colin!!
Congrats on your Reassignment.  It'll be good!  Darrin Staples went to Billings, Montana on his mission!  It is beautiful...  Are any other Elders going with you?

Love you infinity... Mom & Dad & Noah

The Other Elders going with me to Montana are the same ones that are going to Goiania Brazil as well.  Elder Moffit, Elder Dahl, and Elder Wallace.  Elder Moffit and Wallace are my roommates at the MTC but I'm sitting next to Elder Dahl on the plane.  He is like the nicest kid and he is an funny kid haha. Love, Colin.

                              The Elders all Going to Montana & Then Goiania Brazil
                                Elder Hanson, Elder Dahl, Elder Wallace, Elder Moffit

In what way is Elder Dahl funny?  Tell us about your week & thoughts about Billings?  At least it's not Boise, ID.  I love you so much... I can't even wait until we talk tonight.

Love, Mom

He just is a funny kid haha.  I've never met anyone like him.  He's super sheltered and doesn't know what anything or anyone is haha.  He didn't even know who Michael Jackson was! Poor guy he gets a ton of migraines and such.  Like really really bad migraines. I'm excited for Billings now.  I just barely looked at it on and it's not very big at all lol and it will be so cold. They actually want me to call you right now!! So expect a call within the next 20 minutes.

Love you!! Elder Colin Hanson

We got to talk to Colin for about 15 minutes & he sounded AWESOME!! He loves being a Missionary. He was his hilarious self and he shared his beautiful testimony of the truthfulness of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Saints in Portuguese. We recorded it and it is PRICELESS.

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  1. Sounds like he is doing awesome! So proud of him! Hope he gets his visa soon!