Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 16

Dear Family,

I told you most everything yesterday on Skype. But I'm doing fine and I hope you guys are doing okay as well. Things are getting crazy down in Rio Verde, Brazil.  Like I told you I had two baptisms this week; I baptized Wellington on Saturday and my companion baptized Washington on Sunday!!! Washington is the one you met on Skype haha. They were my first baptisms and I was super nervous haha. My testimony has grown super strong here! Honestly I'm a changed person. My mission is the greatest blessing ever.

Colin Skype Screen shots with Washington and his Companion Elder Lima

Washington is ready for baptism!

Washington speaking to us in Portuguese. Telling us "Good Afternoon"

Colin on Skype

It will be OK Elder Hanson

Great Companions

I was happy when you told me Bryan's going to Houston Texas, Spanish speaking I think lol. He will do awesome.

Okay so Brazil is SOOOoooooo freaking Hot haha, it's always like 95 degrees. But it's not too humid here like other parts of Brazil. We literally walk everywhere, we walk a marathon everyday haha. We don't have a car because people drive crazy in Brazil. I'm so exhausted by the end of the day so I sleep super well.

I can speak Portuguese a ton better than I can understand it lol. Elder Lima, my companion said that the people in Rio Verde don't speak correct Portuguese and it's so frustrating haha.  Things are getting easier everyday and I'm getting used to the Brazil culture.

Anyways, since yesterday, we had district meeting this morning and that was it. Nothing much has happened other than Habyta, the daughter of Abadia and Carlos (I don't know if I talked about them with you guys) but she is going to be baptized this Saturday, along with this other teenager named Rafael and maybe, not sure yet, these kids named Clarice, Matheus, and Marcos as well. So we're hoping for 5 baptisms this week haha and they're all kids or teenagers which is pretty cool.

I loved talking with you yesterday on Skype!!! I hope you had a great Mother's Day Mom and I hope you had a great birthday Dad this past week.  Love you all so much!!!

Elder Hanson

BTW I can't carry my camera everywhere with me in Rio Verde because I don't want it to get stolen :/

Colin and Elder Lima in the Chapel in Rio Verde

Washington's Baptism

Wellington's Baptism!

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