Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 17

Dear Family,


Hey Guys! How are you all doing? This past week was CRAY to say the least. We had two more baptisms this week!!! One was this 17 year old guy who is super awesome. We just barely started teaching him a week and a half ago. I actually thought that he was a member before we started teaching him because he went to all the youth activities. The youth members of the branch are really good at inviting non members to these activities. He honestly is the nicest kid in the world! His name is Rafael and Elder Lima baptized him on Saturday.

The other baptism we had, I think I've already told you guys about her. Her name is Habyta (pronounced Abita) and she is 11. She is super cool and I've loved teaching Habyta and her family. They are such a great family!!! Her mom is funny and swears like it's her job haha! She literally swears with every sentence she says and she drinks a lot of coffee. Habyta drank coffee before we taught her about the Word of Wisdom but then she stopped and accepted everything that we taught her. She's sooo cool!! I baptized her on Saturday:) which was the biggest blessing ever! Her mom wants to be baptized so bad and she loves hearing the lessons and says 'Amen Jesus' with ever prayer that we say haha!

Baptism of Habyta and Rafael

We actually would've had 5 baptisms this week but 3 fell through. They are all of the same family, Clarice (15), Mateus (12), and Marcos (9). The only reason Mateus and Marcus fell through was because Clarice is the oldest and she backed out at the last minute, so they followed her example. But we brought Clarice to the baptism of Habyta and Rafael and I think that she really felt the Spirit strongly there. I have a feeling that she and her brothers will want to be baptized this week. Say your prayers for them again and thanks for putting their names on the Temple prayer roll as well as Habyta's, Abadia's, & Rafael's names. I really appreciate it!

A little bit of drama with a family that we are teaching. Their uncle lives with them and doesn't like us AT ALL. After the baptisms on Saturday, we went back over to this house to teach a lesson there and the uncle was outside in front. He was angry and was like I need to talk to you. He said something to me but I didn't understand Portuguese Swearing and stuff like that haha. I did understand him saying that he didn't want us coming over anymore. For some reason, I just didn't have any fear at all. I think the Holy Ghost is comforting me when stuff like this happens, that I know everything will be okay because I am a representative of Jesus Christ and Angels will protect me. The mom talked to the uncle and everything is cool now haha. I hope these stories aren't making you guys worry because I promise that I'll be fine.

Anyways! That's so sad about President Monson's wife! I'm surprised I hadn't heard anything about it because we had church yesterday and nobody said anything about it. That's super sad.

Love you guys!  Thank you for all of your awesome examples to me, without them I would not be on a mission. Erik you better not get married until I get back because I have to be there. So just wait two years lol. Love you guys! Tchau!

Elder Colin Hanson

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