Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 18

Dear Family,

Hey Guys! How are you all doing? This week has been super great!! We had one baptism!!!

Have Dad tell Flavia that I'm going to email her today! I feel so bad that it's taking me so long to email everyone back right away because we only have 50 minutes! I'll eventually write everyone back though. Tell everyone to keep emailing me & writing me because it keeps me sane haha. By the way Connor doesn't leave until July 5th lol!

Anyway's, we baptized Clarisse this week!!  It was a miracle because no one else in her family was baptized. Her brothers don't understand, no matter how many times we explain to them that they can't enter The Kingdom of God if they're not baptized, they still don't want to be. It's so sad. But I feel like the worst person ever because I completely forgot to take a picture with Clarisse before her baptism :(  We were so busy getting everything ready for the ordinance of her baptism that it just slipped my mind. But Clarisse baptism went great and the Spirit was super strong!

This GD (Gosh Dang) language is getting better but I feel I should be fluent by now! 2 months in Brazil is enough time to be able to be fluent, right? But today, we had to practice the first lesson (The Restoration) with our district. I thought I sucked a fat buttcrack teaching so I was super pissed after but one of my zone leaders, Elder Comsa, is so Awesome, and he told me that my Portuguese is the best out of all the new American missionaries that he had seen in the mission. He said that I probably will be a senior companion soon and I think he was sincere haha. You know me, I'm a perfectionist, and so I want everything to be perfect now lol. But this made me a little bit happier haha. There's a brand new sister missionary in our zone and she doesn't speak Portuguese very well so that's comforting for me haha JK!

By the way, I ate LITERALLY the most REVOLTING thing of my life this past week. OX stomach! Yes, OX stomach! It looks like chicken but it's NOT Chicken haha. This nice lady in our branch made lunch for us the other day, but she had to do something so she dropped it off at our chapel and we ate it at our house. The ox stomach was mixed in with rice and so I thought it was chicken. I literally gagged when I tried to swallow it. I was thankful we weren't eating it at her house haha. It was so awful, you have no idea. Anyways! Not much else has happened this week.

SEND ME PICTURES! You guys get mad at me for not taking a lot of pictures haha lol. Tchau! Eu amo voces and miss you all like crazy! Congrats to Noah on singing his Les Mis solo like a champ! That's cool that FJH Choir sang a Les Miserables medley. Love you Noah! Happy Birthday to all the cousins this month! Annie's 12 What? Congrats to Molli on graduating from USU! That's cool! You guys have no idea how much I love you all and I pray for you all EVERY SINGLE MORNING AND NIGHT!!!!!!

Elder Hanson

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