Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013 ~ Goiania Brazil Mission, Rio Verde ~ Week 23

Dear Family,

Hey Guys! Entao, esta semana passada foi doida demais kkkkkk :) Anyways! We had an unexpected baptism this week! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Haha it was totes cray. My new companion is Elder Di Giordano, he is the one I already told you guys about haha but whatevs. He is the Elder that has been staying in the same house as Elder Lima and me. He's from California and he is Italian but he does not speak Italian. He's sick and we work really good together.

This is what happened this week. So we went to Goiania on Monday with our zone and Elder Di G. and I stayed with the Assistants there.. Their house is soooooooooo nice haha, it's huge! But anyways, we haven't met the new Mission President yet because I'm pretty sure he arrives today! President Prieto left the mission yesterday :(. But the Conference was great! I got to see some of the friends that I've made on my mission as well as a certain past companion :/......haha (you know what I mean by this). But I learned a ton and what was totes cray was I almost understood everything that was said there lol. It was crazy good to see the Elders that were in my MTC district because they've all changed so much even during this little time that we've been in Brazil. They've improved so much with Portuguese. But it was WAY FUN because the whole Goiania Brazil Mission was there and the Spirit was so strong.

Elder Hanson and President Prieto (Mission President)

The Brazil Goiania Mission (Colin is 6th from the right on the back row)

Elder Moffit and Elder Hanson

Elder Hanson and Elder Wallace

Elder Dahl and Elder Hanson

Anyway! After we got back, we sort of struggled. I think I told you guys last week about Nosidan (name change), Elder Di G's investigator. So we went by his house pretty much every day and he was never there! It sucked because he was supposed to be baptized this week. We called him on Saturday, the day of his baptism and he said he was working all day. He also didn't go to church on Sunday and so we had to drop him as an investigator :(. It bites because he understands the doctrine so well! Way better than any person that I've taught so far. It was really weird and it makes me really sad for him. But!!!! We had a miracle happen this week! On Friday, we were thinking that Nosidan probably wasn't going to be baptized this week so we kept stopping by this guy named Andre's house and he also was NEVER there. However, we fasted (for a lot of reasons) all day Friday, but the main reason was to find Andre. So we were walking down this street by the Church trying to find people to teach, when a thought came to us that we should stop by his house one more time. We did and Andre was finally there!! We hadn't taught him all of the lessons yet but we did teach him about the commandments that prepare our investigators for baptism, so he was practically ready. We asked him if he wanted to talk with our District Leader, who is the person who performs the baptismal interviews, and he said YES!! Our District Leader talked with him and he accepted to be Baptized on Sunday! It was AWESOME!!! He was baptized and Confirmed yesterday! Just goes to show what fasting can do :).

Elder Di Giordano, Andre, Colin

Also, we had a crazy experience that has never happened to my companion or me in our lives. On Saturday night at about 8:45 pm, we filled the baptismal font in preparation for Andre's baptism on Sunday. When we were finished I started to feel super strange and as we were leaving the church, this bad feeling kept growing stronger and stronger. We were walking down the street that we usually walk on when we go back to our house and Elder Di G. said do you feel strange and I told him yes, like something bad was going to happen to us strange. We were both feeling the same thing so we went back to the church and went a different way, a more dangerous way back home haha. This street is always filled with druggies and drunks and its super dangerous so we always avoid it. But what is weird, is we felt so much more safe walking this way. And we made it home safely. It was like the type of feeling you get when you watch a scary movie, but WAY worse lol. But we're safe! And nothing happened but you never know what would've happened if we hadn't listened to the Spirit. So always listen to the Spirit! Haha

Anyways! That's about it this week! My hair is really blonde now and I've officially lost 20 pounds haha I weighed myself for the first time the other day. It's totes Awesome. Have a good week! BTW, I still haven't received your packages other than the CTR ring one... It's totes slow lol, Tchau! Love you guys more than you know!

Elder Hanson

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