Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 ~ Brazil Goiania Mission, Uberlandia ~ Week 46

Dear Family,

Sooooo........ guess what........ I think I´m going to be transferred again haha. Already! The zone leaders called me on Saturday (which is strange, because usually the assistants call and tell us if we´re transferred or not) and told me that I was going to be transferred this week. So weird! I´ve only been in Uberlandia for one transfer! We´re going to Goiânia this week on Tuesday and they´ll do the transfers there. There´s also going to be a Christmas devotional there with all the missionaries of the mission and so that should be good. I'm nervous to see where I get transferred! The weird thing is that they told me not to pack my bags. They said the missionaries that were transferred in Uberlândia will come back to get their things and then go to their new areas. I have no idea what´s happening! They´ve never done transfers like this before.
The sad thing about being transferred from this area is that I´ll miss the baptism this week :(. We marked a baptismal date with this girl that is 16 years old and I think I told you guys about her last week. She doesn´t have a ton of support from her family and the members that are helping fellowship her are having a tough time coming to church. So it´s kind of rough, but I know that everything will work out. 

We had interviews with President Kuceki this past week and I really liked my interview with him. Every time I talk to him, I feel so relieved, and I just feel like everything will go better from here on out. I wish I could talk to him every day haha. But they had us do what is called a Santificação Pessoal (personal cleansing) which is when you start a fast, pray, and then during your fast, notice the things that are preventing you from growing spiritually. For me, some of these things may seem harmless, but they really do take your mind of the work. Like music, sports, things like that. So I did this and it honestly is SO HARD. I never realized how much I think about music or sometimes I sing music and don´t even realize it haha. So then after the fast, you go 40 days without doing those things that prevent you from growing spiritually. I´m trying my best with it and I know that I'll be able to grow faster and that I´ll have more success with this. 

A Cheesy Christmas photo that the mission asked us to send in. lolz for days!
I have no idea what´s going to happen now with the whole Skype thing because I´m going to a new area. I didn´t think that I would be transferred so I set it up with Paula (the member in our ward that sent you an email), but now that won´t work out haha. I'll let you know next week haha. Don´t worry! Tudo vai dar certo kkkkk. I received two of the 5 packages this week so that means I won´t get the rest of them for awhile. But whatevs, I´ll get them sooner or later lol.

Love you guys! Thank you so much for all the support and I can´t wait to talk with you guys on Christmas! Tchau!

Elder Hanson
A Family of recent converts that were baptized last February and they are super strong in the church and they are preparing to go to the temple this February.

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