Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 ~ Brazil Goiania Mission, Uberlandia ~ Week 45

Dear Family,

This week was about the same as last week. Nothing too exciting happened haha. We did have this girl go to church this week who is really nice. She's 16 years old and she´s a relative of some members in our ward. The only problem is, that those members are inactive :(. We were teaching them throughout this week and they all said that they would go to church, but we ended up having to go and get her because the members didn´t go. Dumb! It would be so much easier for her to go, if she had the support. We haven´t invited her to be baptized yet because she is a part of another church and we wanted to wait until she went to church first. But she came to church, so we should mark a date with her either today or tomorrow. I just hope that we can reactivate those members too.

In Rio Verde, everybody was from the Assembleia de Deus, but in Uberlândia, everyone is from the Congregação no Brasil. Everyone in that church is super firm in it. That´s what makes this area a little harder than Rio Verde Popular. But I still have the faith that everything will work out with these people. 

We had a Christmas party in the ward this past week as well. The president of the primary was putting on this nativity scene with the primary and she asked me to play the piano for them, so I did lol. They had this HUGE dinner as well after. But guess what it was? Haha rice, beans, a type of salad, meat, and guarana haha. It was actually really good though. 

Killin' it at the Fedal de Natal with Elder Loureiro

Guarana Drink
I´m not entirely sure yet on the whole Skype thing because I still don't know if I´ll be transferred or not. I´ll let you guys know on everything.

Oh! Funny story lol. Yesterday we passed by this lady´s house to teach her for the first time, and her husband yelled when we knocked on her door "who is it?" and then we said "the missionaries" and he was like "I don´t know who you are!" and after we heard him inside the house grabbing something, he opened the door slightly and he was turned to the side with a cigarette in one hand. But then he opened the door all the way and showed us this giant knife haha. We were like Whoa! Take it easy! It was so funny. He didn´t let us in needless to say haha but after he was like "Sorry about that, I´ve got problems in my mind" And we were like "No it´s alright! We´ll come back another day." 

Love you guys! I can´t wait to talk to you all on Christmas! It´s sooo weird without snow and it´s five million degrees everyday haha. Love you Tchauzinho!

Elder Hanson
What the trick is this?

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