Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 60

Dear Family,

Hey guys! This week was mais ou menos. We´re trying our best to apply everything that President Kuceki has given us. He gave the whole mission this great guide that is like a guide to study Preach My Gospel. It also explains a lot about how to use it, and what to study. He also put in "Os Oito Passos De Poder Para Converter" (Eight Steps of Power to Convert) which is really good! Explains a lot about how we should start off every lesson, what we should do during the lesson, how we should teach, and how to invite the investigators to be baptized. We´ve been applying this in our lessons and we´re seeing a huge difference in the spiritualness (is this a word?) of the lessons. It´s crazy! President Kuceki is so inspired and I feel so much that what Elder Cruz said is true, that we should always listen to the advice of President Kuceki. I told my district in our district meeting on Tuesday (my first district meeting :/) to apply it in their work and they´ll see a huge difference. I haven´t been following up on it as much as I should have with them haha but I will try better this week. Still learning how to do everything as a leader and so it´ll work out. This week wasn´t as stressfull as my first week as the leader. 

We also did a huge division with the zone this week on Tuesday. It was sweet! I went on a division with the zone leader and the purpose of the whole division thing was to mark a lot of dates. It actually worked out really well. Another purpose was to unite the zone. The zone hasn´t been doing to well this past month. There have only been four baptisms in the entire zone in March. No one really knows why haha. The number one zone in the mission usually has around 22 baptisms. So that goes to show that Uberlândia didn´t do too well this month. But it´ll be different next month! Hopefully I´ll get the hang of being the district leader and I´ll be able to help out the district better. There´s a couple of companionships in my district that are struggling right now (in my old area especially) and so I´m trying my best to help them all out. 

As I said, we´re seeing a huge difference in our lessons because of the Eight Steps of Power to Convert. I was talking to Elder Webb, and we both said that throughout our mission, we haven´t been feeling the Spirit as much as we thought we would. When we applied this in our lessons, we both agreed that we felt the Spirit in the lessons this week. é bom demais! We marked a few dates this week, but then it seemed like everything fell through on Saturday haha it was so weird. There was this girl who read the chapter that we marked for her in the Book of Mormon, and she recieved a powerful answer after she prayed that the Book of Mormon was true and she said that she would go to church as well. We also marked a date for her but then she ended up having to travel for three months haha. Whatever. I know that there are other people like her in our area that are ready for the gospel. But I know that If we keep trusting in the Lord and if we keep using these eight steps, everything will work out.

The lady that got annoyed when we said that only people who are baptized can enter in the kingdom of God hasn´t really lightened up at all. She listened to one of our messages this week, but she didn´t say a word during it. She also didn´t go to church. I´m pretty sure we´re going to drop her, the only problem is is that her daughter really likes us coming over and leaving messages with her, and she always goes to church. We´ll see what happens.

Thank you guys so much for the support. I´m really looking forward to seeing what will happen in this area. I know that everything will work out as long as we always put our trust in the Lord. Love you guys! Pray for me!

Elder Hanson

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