Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 57

Dear Family,

     This week was like last week. We started out doing really well, and then at the end of the week, it just went downhill. But whatever. I´m sort of just getting used to that now haha. There was this reference that a member from Aurora gave us, and the guy never even let us in his house, but he said that he would go to church. So, on Sunday, we passed by his house in the morning, and got mad. He was like "One day, I will go. But you guys are yanking my chain all the time and I´m about to call the police. Get off my property! Tchau!" haha  I just said to him "You said you were going to go to church today!". And he just got mad and went back inside. The member felt so bad after and said that he would go talk to him this week haha. We literally only passed by him twice that week but he would never let us inside. Whatevs.
     Elder Neeley had to go to Goiânia to update his visa stuff so I was on a division with another Elder in a different area for a day. That also made it hard because we couldn´t find new people to teach. But I´ll just do whatever I can so that we can get some people at church. It´s so rough not having people at church. We had 3 people, but they can´t even be baptized until the end of this month so they can´t really progress for now. 
     I do have a cool experience to share with you guys. This week, we passed by this lady that I had contacted in the street. Her name is Carmem. She let us in and then started talking on and on about how mad she is at God because her husband left her and that bad things happen to good people. She was also going through problems, and sometimes, she just is ready to give up. She also said that she had stopped going to church because of all the bad things that were happening and didn´t really have interest in religion anymore. I don´t know why, but I felt prompted to tell the story of what happened to Erik with his getting sick and then being better. As I was telling the story, she started BAWLING. I know she felt the Spirit and that she was touched by the story of how Erik overcame it, and how through God and Jesus Christ, he became stronger than he was before. She listened to our message, and then she said that she would go to church this Sunday with us with her daughters. I´m hoping that everything will work out with them because it was one of the most powerful lessons I´ve had on my mission so far. Her attitude towards us completely changed by the end of the lesson. She said that she felt relieved by the end of the lesson :).
     Other than that, I´m trying to figure out ways to teach better. My teaching has gotten a little bit sloppy haha and I need to improve it drastically. I´m fine with the language, I just need to be able to teach by the Spirit in EVERY lesson. I was thinking that this is probably why we haven´t had as much success lately, and so I´m going to change some things.
Love you guys! Sorry about your girly Erik :(. It will work out. 
Elder Hanson

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