Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 58

Dear Family,

So this was my final week in Parque Do Sabiá because I was transferred!!!!! Haha so crazy! I was totally not expecting to be transferred at all, but me and Elder Neeley were both transferred. It´s so weird because they doubled us out..... not really sure why? But President Kuceki, I guess does it all the time. Makes it a little more challenging I guess haha. I´m really sad to leave this area because we have grown to love the people here! I know we didn´t have a ton of success here, and back in Rio Verde I´ve heard that Popular is just baptizing like CRAZY. I still haven´t heard anything about Zito at all but I´m hoping that he was one of their baptisms! I´m so happy that they just have so much success there. 

I´m a tiny bit sad though. Last night, at the ward council meeting, the members were talking about one Elder that served in Parque Do Sabia and had passed by in the ward before we came, that the members just did not like. They got super unexcited about missionary work because of him. Makes me mad because you really don´t realize how much influence the missionaries have on the ward until one missionary almost ruins the ward. I feel like because of Elder Neeley and me, the members have a lot more trust in the missionaries now, even though we didn´t have a ton of success. We tried our best to gain the members trust and I think the members are liking the missionaries again :).I really am loving the mission so much. I honestly couldn't be happier.

We taught Carmem again this week and she really is super interested in the church. It was sad though because they were going to go to church, but then like their uncle passed away and so they had to travel to another city. They totally would have gone. But whatevs, I know that the Elders that come in will be able to work it out.

We´ll all go to Goiania on Tuesday to have a conference with Elder Cruz of the seventy and then they´ll do transfers immediately after. I am so nervous to see where I´m going to go! I hope Elder Neeley goes to a good area because he really deserves it. He works so hard and I just hope he can get a good companion as well. 

Love you guys! Tell congrats to Sam and that I am really proud of him! Tchau!

Elder Hanson

Arle, Looking sick in his new church clothes!

Sweetest lady in the World! Irma Irades

Colin and Elder Tenorio

Elder Hiago, going on a mission!

Awesome members in Uberlandia

Minha Zona

The district looking sharp at Burger King

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