Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 61

Dear Family,
     Well I´m going to try and be as positive as possible this week haha. This week was a little bit rough. Actually, really rough. It was honestly the most trying week of my mission so far. I think it´s just because I´m so hard on myself too. I try my best to do everything I can to help everyone out, and it just seems to go to waste. We had so many people who wanted to go to church this week! We had 14 people to confirm with on Saturday, and literally, EVERYBODY fell through. For any reason that you can think of haha. Some people went to the hospital, some people traveled, and some just lost interest. 
     I´m trying so hard to keep my head up, but the Lord is testing me more than ever right now. I kept thinking after all this happened, did I do something wrong? Am I not teaching right? Why is this happening? Am I not good enough? Haha because you guys know me, if something bad happens, I put 100% of the blame on myself. It´s alright though. I know the Lord is just testing me in some way, and someday I´ll see what it is. I just need to have patience. I just want success! I remember how easy it was in Rio Verde. We were baptizing almost weekly. It was so awesome! And then, I felt like I didn´t have to do all that much. Here, I feel like I have to give my everything even to get the minimal amount of results. Hopefully everything will start changing soon. It really needs to happen. Especially in the Uberlândia zone. The zone ended the month with 6 baptisms. The zone leaders are so good here too! I honestly think that they know what they´re doing and that they want the best for the zone. I am just not understanding why these things are happening right now. 
     With all the negative things, you guys are probably thinking that I´m miserable right now haha. I´m not, I´m honestly super happy. Just a little bit frustrated and confused on everything. Everyone´s a little bit disappointed with the results of the month here in Uberlândia. But I just need to stay positive. I know the success will come. I just need to put in more effort maybe. Maybe they need to do a zone santification haha. After I email, I´m going to go to our house and make some goals for the district, so that they can meet their weekly goals every week. This week, the district wasn´t even close to their goals, and so I need to do something to help them with that. 
     I think I´m going to interview a few of the Elders as well. There is a lot of drama going on in their house and it needs to be fixed. It is just unnecessay drama that drives away the Spirit and it´ll hurt our district. Throughout my mission, I have never ever caused drama haha. I´ve always just tried to avoid it, but now that I´m the district leader, something needs to be done haha.
Love you guys! I hope the shower went well and that everything´s going good with ya´ll. I´m fine! Don´t worry about me. Just pray for me always.

Elder Hanson

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