Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 63

Dear Family,

Hey!!!!! So this week was full of ups and downs again. I got by far the worst cold I´ve ever had in my life haha which was super awesome, and then I went and called Sister Kuceki about it and she told me to go to the hospital. Turns out that Brazilian hospitals are sketchy haha but they told me that I got a super bad cold and that it got infected in my nose and in my left ear as well. They gave me a bunch of medicine that Sister Kuceki approved of and so it´ll be fine. Don´t worry about me! I ´ll be fine. But yeah I´m getting better, but I have never seen so much snot in my entire life haha I seriously used an entire roll of toilet paper in like an hour haha. It was great.

We also had a zone conference with President Kuceki this week and the assistants. The assistants are super awesome! Do you guys remember how in Goiânia I lived with Elder Moreno (American) and Elder Lopes (Brazilian)? Yeah they were companions in Jardim Curitiba and now they are the assistants. They came down with President and the assistants stayed in our house. We had a really good meeting on Friday with them and we learned a ton. President talked a lot about Peter, and how he denied Christ even though he knew that it was wrong. He talked about how some missionaries deny Christ on their missions by the little things. Singing innapropriate music, flirting with moças, things like that that take away the Spirit from you that the people really need from you. It made me think a whole lot and made me want to be perfect haha. But I´ve seen that the lessons are improving because of it and I am more in tune with the Spirit. But they also came up with a plan to baptize 45 people in April and have at least 3 baptisms per companionship. It would be awesome! I know it´s possible, that we just gotta tune out all the things of the world and focus in on our missions and the people we are teaching. 

I got to do two baptismal interviews this week! One was with this girl, who actually didn´t want to get baptized in the first place haha and so I kind of got frustrated with that, and the other was this 19 year old girl who was super prepared to be baptized. It was cool! I love seeing the progress of the investigators that the elders in my district teach. It´s great to see someone who is actually prepared and that you know that they´ll stay firm in the church. The missionaries just need to work harder! Everyone needs to just do their part lol.

This week, we´re teaching this guy named Juando and his family. They are so humble! It´s so awesome. And they´re LEGALLY MARRIED!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha  He said that he had had other missionaries in the past who taught him, but that he wasn´t really looking for religion at that time, and that nothing happened. He reminds me a lot of Zito, and I´m hoping that he will become my Zito of Uberlândia haha. It would be so awesome! We marked a date with him yesterday for May 3rd, and I´m hoping that it all goes through! His wife wasn´t there when we marked a date with him, which is a bummer, but it´ll work out.

Love you guys! Thank you for all the support and for everything you guys do for me. Love you so much! Tchau!

Elder Hanson

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