Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 65

Dear Family,

So this week was so freaking crazy. So many new things to explain about it´s not even funny. Transferências!!!!!! Biggest shock of my entire life. I´ll explain why later.

First of all, I got transferred to a city called Uberaba!!!! It´s south of Uberlandia and it´s not as big, but it´s still pretty big. It is also known as the capital of Espiritismo. This is like the biggest falsest religion ever hahahaha. They believe in reincarnation. 

Next, my companion is named Elder Bezerra. He is so sweet! He works so hard and his old companion changed the entire zone of Uberaba. Know why? Because they were zone leaders. Do you know what that means? It means I just became zone leader!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha so nuts! I was not expecting it at all. The assistants called me and they told me that my companion would be Elder Bezerra, and I was like "wait, he´s the zone leader right?" and it took me awhile to realize what that meant haha. Seriously, I have never been so shocked in my life. Not expecting it at all! I was like, seriously? Are you sure that you didn´t make a mistake? But it´s all good! I´m super stressed but I know that I´ll get used to it. Elder Bezerra is so awesome. He´s from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil and he´s a convert of about two years. His testimony is so strong, and he´s super good with the people. It honestly wouldn´t surprise me if he became the assistant within a few months. He´s going to make me work so much harder and it´ll be good for me. So excited and grateful for the opportunity. I know the Lord knows what´s best for me and I´ll make sure that I work my hardest to be able to help the zone out as best I can. I´ve got huge shoes to fill! The old zone leader that was here was here for 8 months and completely changed the zone. He seriously is one of the best missionaries in the mission and everyone loves him, so I hope that I can fulfill everything that he did. It´ll be all good!

Other good news, Elder Neeley is in my zone! He´s the district leader now and he´s training!!! I was so happy, and I was able to go on a division with him this week. He´s doing so good and I was stoked to go on splits with him. He´s training an Elder from Argentina! 

Elder Thomas is still in Goiania and is senior companion now. Elder Webb also is training now! So crazy. My old zone leader in Uberlandia became the assistant and so everyone was freaking out about that haha. 

So this week has been crazy to say the least. I´ve said it a bunch of times, but I have never had to walk so much in my entire life as this past week hahaa. The zone had about 9 baptisms this week, and so we were all the place all over Uberaba doing the interviews. Stoked out of my mind for the zone! We had an activity today because of it. We got to play basketball (first time since I´ve left for my mission haha) and we ate ice cream. Totes awesome lolz.

I´m so happy right now. Stressed, but happy, and tired haha. I know God has a plan for me in all of this and it´ll be great. 

Love you guys!! Dia das mães is all set, except for the time haha and it won´t be until the day of that I will know the time. Don´t worry about it! Tchau!

Elder Hanson
Colin and Elder Webb with a member in Uberlandia

Colin and Fabricio in Uberlandia

Zona Uberaba

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