Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberlandia - Week 64

Dear Family,

     So this week was a little bit cray lolz. I went on two divisions, one with my zone leader, and one with another Elder in my district. the one with my zone leader was really well because we found a lot of new people to teach that day. Then the one with an Elder in my district was good as well, we found a woman in his area that went to church! So that was good. 
     Honestly, it makes me so sad when people get baptized and then go inactive. I was looking through my area book this past week and I realized that about 20 people were baptized last year and only like 3 are active now. I was so sad! One time, the mission told us that in Manaus Brazil last year, 500 new people were baptized into the church (the highest baptizing mission in Brazil) and only 2 percent of those people stayed firm. That´s 10 people! 10! That is HORRIBLE. I honestly would feel like a giant failure if all of my recent converts went inactive. Holy crap I was so sad when I heard that. Missão Brasil Goiânia a 10 percent retention rate. The United States has like an 80 percent rate. Something needs to change to improve that!  Fabricio is an inactive member and Elder Webb and I have been helping him out a lot. He literally didn´t remember anything about the church. He´s been going to church every week now since we started reactivating him, which is really good. We took some sic pics with him this week but this computer that I´m using is incapable of sending pictures so.... you´re gonna have to wait another week lol.
     I´m feeling a lot better this week. I took a crapload of medicine and so I´m fine now haha. I will take better care of myself now so that I don´t ever have to go to a Brazilian hospital again lol. But still, I love this country!!! 
     People are FREAKING out about the world cup already. Brazilian elders are getting trunky (this is slang in Portuguese, it means they want to go home) because they want to get prepared for the cup. That´s all anyone talks about. I honestly have no idea what is going to happen with the missionaries, but every member says that it just gets WILD here and it´s super dangerous. 
     I don´t know what´s going to happen for Mother´s day, because.... guess what? SURPRISE! I got transferred again! And I have a feeling on what´s going to happen to me... but I won´t say anything até a semana que vem kkkkkk.

Love you guys!!! Thanks for all the support! Muito obrigado! Tenha uma ótima semana!

Elder hanson

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