Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 72

Dear Family,

Hey guys!!! So this week was nuts lol. The zone had 7 baptisms this week and so for the month of June we´re up to 16 batismos!! We´re hoping to have more than 30 by the end of the month and there´s a lot of baptismal dates goin around so we´re sure we´re going to get there!

We had a baptism this week! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! We baptized Raynara, and it was awesome. She was super excited for her baptism and the Young Women are really happy with the recent converts that we´ve baptized. The water in the font here is FREEZING. She got baptized and then randomly just dunked herself under again haha it was so funny. 

Elder Bezerra, Raynara and Colin

Elder Bezerra, Raynara, and Colin

Us being silly

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

Brazil flags all over Brazil

Ricardo is getting ready for his baptism. We have his baptism marked for this Saturday.

We are also teaching this family right now. Their names are Eliete, Lara, and Joana. Eliete is Lara´s mom, and Joana is Eliete´s mom. They have been coming to church for the last 3 weeks and they really like it, but they just won´t accept baptismal dates. I think that they are afraid of the things of the world, that they won´t be able to live like they lived before. They said though, that they would fast and pray and then give us an answer on their baptism for the 28th. Pray for them that they may be able to be baptized next week! They are sweet haha they told us yesterday that they really wanted to pay tithing. They know that the Church is true, they just need to freaking be baptized!

The World Cup was so crazy here. President told us to just stay inside during the game. We were actually able to get a few lessons in that day though haha. But we just heard screaming and yelling for 2 and a half hours straight and everyone was drunk out of their minds after the game haha. 

Oh! The Young Women´s President here, Bianca, (who´s like 20 years old) told me that she talked with Noah this last week in English and I had no idea that she even spoke English haha. 

By the way. It´s confirmed. I leave on Christmas Eve and my plane lands in Salt Lake on Christmas day morning. Totes cray! Me and Elder Bezerra will be going home on the same day. 

Anyways! Love you guys! I hope you´re all doing well and that everything´s going great. Congrats to Noah for his driving test lol. Tchau!

Elder Hanson

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