Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 74

Dear Family,

     This week was another awesome week! The only thing is, Eliete and her family did not get baptized this week, unfortunately. But it is all good! I didn´t let it get me down because it was just a stupid thing. They decided that they wanted to go traveling randomly (which happens more than you think it would here in Brazil haha) and so they weren´t even here on the day that they should have been baptized. Don´t worry though! We will pass by there this week and mark a date with them, I´m guessing that it will be the twelfth. Vai dar certo!
     So Elder Bezerra and I went to Goiânia this week to have a meeting with the other zone leaders and President and the Assistants. It was really good and we learned a lot of stuff that we need to do to improve the results in the mission. Our zone had the most number of baptisms this month in the mission!!! In total, the zone ended with 20 baptisms. Which is good! But we know that we can do so much better.
     Okay, now for the miracle of my mission. Actually, it´s the miracle that´s about to happen on my mission haha. Freaking This Awesome Lady!!!! Oh my heck most elect person I´ve ever met in my entire life. I´ve never seen somebody so prepared to recieve the Gospel and somebody so willing to change her life. The first time we talked to her in the street, she was holding a cig in her hand and wasn´t super receptive, but she said that we could pass by another day. We passed by and she still wasn´t super receptive, but she said she would go to church and she went! She loved church so much and ever since then, she´s been progressing like crazy! She realized the blessing the church will be in her life and how the Gospel will affect her life. She smoked a box of cigarretes a day, and now she has completely stopped! She is so excited for her baptism on the 5th and she has invited everyone haha. The entire ward already knows who she is and everyone is so excited for her. Guys, the ward is going to the temple in Campinas on the 11th of July, and Tânia is going with them!!!!!!! We taught her about temples, and she wanted to go so bad, so Elder Bezerra and I are both going to pay 40 reais each so that she can go. So she´s gonna have her baptism on Saturday, and the Bishop will interview her that night to give her her temple recommend, and the day after she´ll be confirmed. She´ll have a huge lunch at her house after haha and on the 11th, she´ll be going to the temple. How freaking awesome is that??? I have never seen anybody so converted in my entire mission. She reads the Book of Mormon like crazy, and understands everything!! She bore her testimony at church on Sunday during the last class and everyone freaked out at how spiritual she is already. I´m so happy and excited for her and I can only thank our Savior for these blessings that he´s given to us. So happy with this :)
     We´ll also have another baptism on Saturday with Alisson, whose 18 years old. He´s awesome and he´s kind of awkward like me hahaha but he´s super excited for his baptism on Saturday as well. He lives with his brother and his sister-in-law. They agreed to go to the marriage agency to mark a marriage date! It should be like a month or two when they get baptized as well! Super cray! The Lord is putting so many elect people in our path, and we just have to keep working harder to keep having these blessings every week.
These past two weeks have been amazing. I´m seeing the blessings that I´ve been waiting for for a long time and it made all of the hardships that I passed in Uberlândia worth it. 
Love you guys!! Thanks for all you do for me.

Family Home Evening at Tania's

The "First Presidency" HAHA

Sisters in our Zone in Uberaba

Our Uberaba Zone

Elder Hanson

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