Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 75

Dear Family,

Hey guys! It seems like everything just keeps getting better and better with each passing week haha. We had another amazing week this week. But first, I want to say that that countdown thing that Kate and Isabelle made was probably the cutest thing I´ve ever seen hahaha, I loved it and realizing that I only have 172 days makes me want to cry :(. 

T├éNIA GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!! So freaking awesome. Most chosen and most prepared person thus far on my mission. Literally, the miracle of my mission. Guys, she freaking made invitations and quoted a scripture from the Book of Mormon in the invitation about baptism (Alma 7). So awesome. She invited so many people to the baptism and after the confirmation on Sunday, she had a huge lunch at her house with a bunch of the ward members. It was so awesome. She talked with the Bishop on Saturday and got her temple recommend!!! She's going to The Campinas temple on Friday!!!!! She´s so excited. She also wrote down her testimony and bore it at Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. Everyone was shocked at how spiritual it was. Everyone was like "she´s gonna be the new Relief Society President!!" hahaha best thing ever. I´ll send a bunch of pics too. Oh haha also, right after she got baptized, she was so happy that she looked at me and just gave me a giant hug! Haha it came out of nowhere and I was so not prepared for it. She felt super bad after, but the entire ward loved it. (Don´t worry, I repented, even though it wasn´t my fault :/)

Alisson also got baptized as well!! The Lord is just preparing so many elect people and we just have to trust in Him and stay worthy so that we can continue enjoying these blessings. Alisson also had a huge change in his life and he is so awesome.

Tania and Alisson's Baptism

Me, Elder Bezerra, Alisson and Lenilton

Elders and a Sister from the Ward in Uberaba

Saying Goodbye to Elder Bezerra and Neeley

Tania and her daughter before the baptism

Tania's party after her baptism

Tania's party

Our Chapel in Uberaba

Alright, well we had surprise transfers this week!! I wasn´t transferred, but Elder Bezerra was. I was super surprised but it was sad for him to say goodbye to the members and recent converts. They all love him and they were all super depressed about it haha. I said goodbye to him this morning and my new companion, Elder Cunnington, will get here on Wednesday. One more transfer as zone leader haha. I´ll stay in a trio with the Elders I live here until then. I´m by myself as zone leader for two days :/

For the 4th, I did a conference call with all the Americans and we sang the national anthem. Yeah, that´s about all we did haha. For lunch that day, the member knew that it was the 4th and so she made banana bread for us haha. It was surprisingly really good lol.

Love you guys!! So happy with everything and holy crap everyone looks so different than I remember them! (especially Noah, Carson, and Annie))

Elder Hanson

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