Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 76

Dear Family,

     This week was cray. We didn´t have a baptism this week, but Tânia went to the temple!!! Haha she loved it so much. She just did confirmations, which is fine, because she didn´t have all of the names of her ancestors yet, and there were a million people at the temple. I don´t know why there aren´t more temples in Brazil!! There are more than a million members here and there´s only like 7 temples in all of Brazil. People were coming to the Campinas temple from all over the place because it was the closest temple to them. But whatever. It´ll work out. Tania also already got a calling haha. I´m not really quite sure what it is yet though, haha  it´s like a well being calling type thing and she´ll help people like get jobs and stuff, but still! Haha she already has a fudging calling.
     So transfers were this week!! My new companion´s name is Elder Cunnington (Scott Cunnington) American, and he´s from Eagle Idaho! (which is like super close to Boise). But I really do like him! He´s pretty tranquilo but he´s already been a zone leader in another zone for a long time so he knows what he´s doing haha. It is super weird, there´s two American zone leaders in Brazil :/. Let´s see how that works out haha. He´s ending his mission, he goes home in two transfers, so maybe I´ll "kill him" (this is slang for when you stay with your companion until he goes home haha). But I´m really excited to work with him.
     So we have 3 dates for this Saturday with the relatives of Alisson. We haven´t really been able to teach them this past week, but they went to church and still have a date for Saturday. Their names are Gerleide, Gerlane, and Genival. They´re children, but we´ll be able to baptize them, because Alisson lives with his brother and sister-in-law
 and they really want to get baptized as well. They´ve agreed to get married and get baptized after!! So we´re helping them out with that. 
     We also started teaching Tania´s daughter!!! Her name is Hanna and she´s about 24 years old (she´s in that picture that I sent you guys). We taught her about the Resoration, and she loved it! She wasn´t super interested before, but after she saw the huge change that happened with Tania, she got more interested. She´s never been religious in her life, but she wants to change that. We marked a date with her for the 26th!! Pray for her that she may be able to get baptized as well!!!!
     That´s about it! My time is winding down on my mission....:( Haha Elder Cunnington made that apparent to me as well. He was like "When I go home, you´ll only have two transfers left". But don´t worry! I´m not trunky at all haha and I don´t plan on being lol.
Love you guys. Os amo demais.

Elder Hanson

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