Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 77

Dear Family,

This week was awesome! We had 2 baptisms this week. We baptized Girlane and Girleide!!! It was super awesome. Their brother did not get baptized because of freaking small thing!! Stupid coffee, but whatevs... he´ll be baptized this next week. But what was even more awesome is that Girlane and Girleide´s mom went to church as well. She was super afraid of going to church and had not been to any church in forever, so it was super awesome to see her there and at the baptisms as well. They are from MaceiĆ³, Brazil, and so they speak really really fast and their accent is super awesome haha. I´m guessing it would be like the southern accent of the United States haha.

Colin and Elder Cunnington

 Girlade and Girleide Baptism

Colin and Girlade and Girleide

Colin and his roommate Elders
Right now, we´re teaching the sister of two members in the ward. The parents of these kids are super against the church, and so they didn´t let the youngest sister be baptized for a long time (she´s 12 years old) and so she´s been going to church with her two older sisters for 2 years without being baptized. But then the mom told the oldest sister that she would let her be baptized this week!! Her name is Brenda and she knows like everything about the church! haha She´s very intelligent. She´s going to be baptized on Saturday this week and everyone in the ward is freaking out about it because they all know her and know that she wants to be baptized so bad. It´ll be great!! I really want to teach their parents, but I´m not quite sure how to approach them yet but it´ll work out.

Okay!! Cooper freaking became the assistant in Guatemala!!!!!!! That´s so awesome. I´m really happy for him. He really deserves it with the hard work that he´s put in in his mission. I had to put all the puzzle pieces together to figure it out because he wouldn´t just come out and tell me! But whatever. I´m happy for him.

Other than that... nothing much happened. I really do like Elder Cunnington. He has the same ideas that I do and we pretty much agree on everything. He´s a great companion and I´m excited to work with him. he got food poisoning and so he´s been throwing up all day today. But it was funny haha because I was taking a shower and he started banging on the door and was saying "I´ve gotta throw up I´ve gotta throw up!!"" haha it was so funny I just threw my towel around me soaking wet and ran outside the bathroom with just my towel on so he could throw up. Hahahaha Maybe you guys had to be there...:/

Love you guys!!! Everything´s going great here! Tchau!!!

Elder Hanson

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