Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 78

Dear Family,

This week was aigggghhhtttt. Haha there were a few dissapointments, but it´s all good.... 

We were totally about to baptize Brenda this last week, but then, at the last minute, her dad decided that he didn´t want her to be baptized. Everyone was super butthurt in that family. His excuse was that "she´s too young and doesn´t know what she wants yet." Whatever! She´s been going to church for two years now! (She also fasted so that her dad would let her be baptized without telling anybody hahahaha). Her sister, Bruna was especially sad. Bruna is the Primary President here (20 years old) and is a recent convert of about 1 year. She´s one of the strongest members in the ward and is always helping us. She was absolutely devastated when her dad didn´t let Brenda get baptized. It´ll be alright though! Elder Cunnington and I are planning on what we need to say to her dad. I honestly think that nobody has ever tried teaching the parents yet, so maybe it would be a lot easier just talking with them and help them understand better. I´m sure that within this month, she´ll be baptized as well. I´m not too worried about it.

We´ve marked a date with Girleide´s and Girlane´s brother Genival for the 9th! We´re also teaching this lady named Geni (don´t remember if I talked about her in my last email). She´s a really sweet lady and loves having us over. She´s been to church two times already and has a baptism date marked for the 9th as well. She could be baptized this Saturday, but we are working with her on a few things. She lives with her son, who has struggled with addiction for about 20 years. He also got baptized in the church when he was about 20 (which was like 20 years ago) but then fell away and ended up getting baptized in some other evangelical church. Before, the rule was that people like this didn´t need to get baptized again, because they already got baptized in the true church. The baptism in the other church wasn´t valid at all anyways and didn´t have any effect. But now, I guess the First Presidency has come out and said that if somebody gets baptized in another church after they´ve been baptized in our church, they have to be baptized again. It appears like it´s been a couple months that he´s been ready so we´re seeing if we can work with him and be able to baptize him this month, but if not, next month. But they´re sweet and they accept everything that we say.

Alisson should be getting the Priesthood next week!!! He´ll be able to pass and bless the sacrament soon because there are seriously like no young men in the ward haha. He´s loving church so much and he´s been growing a ton. He is awesome. His brother Lenilton and his girlfriend Marcela are going to church with him. We´re going to mark a marriage date with them within these next few weeks so that they can get baptized as well because they really want to. Só alegria!!!

In Gospel Principles yesterday at church, we were talking about Service. I made a comment on how as missionaries, we grow so much on the mission because of the service we give to others, and sometimes we don´t even realize how much we´ve grown. Tânia then got up and was like, "if the missionaries (Elder Hanson and Elder Bezerra) hadn´t gone on missions, I wouldn´t be here today. I will be eternally grateful for their service and I don´t even know how I´ll thank them." haha everyone started freaking out! It was awesome. I´ve seen how much I´ve grown on the mission. My personality hasn´t changed haha, but I know that I´ve grown so much spiritually, mentally, and emotionally as well. It´s kind of nuts lol.
Love you guys!!! Thanks for the support!

Elder Hanson

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