Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 79

Dear Family,

Hey guys!!! So not a ton of stuff happened this week. Not too exciting. But there were a few things that happened.

Our numbers this week were not that great because we spent two days this week in Goiania. It takes so freaking long to get there from Uberaba haha (like an eight hour bus ride). The meeting that we had with the assistants and President was really good! President Kuceki is so inspired and I freaking loved the meeting that we had with him. We were kind of lost with what we needed to do to help our zone. 

Our mission lately has been all about marking baptismal dates on the first visit with everybody! And so there has been a few companionships who haven´t agreed with this, that we should only invite people to be baptized when the time is right. Freaking no!!!! I´ve made it my personal goal to invite every single person to be baptized, but a few don't agree with that (Some missionaries in our zone were thinking that we were being too harsh with them on not marking baptismal dates.) I was like what??? How can a person be baptized and enter into the Kingdom of God if you never invite them to be baptized??? A lot of missionaries in the zone are afraid that the person will say no, but that´s the freaking mission! You´re going to have a million people who say no to you! I´ve gotten so used to people saying no to me, that I try my freaking hardest to get the person to say yes now haha. But anyway, President explained on how we should invite people to be baptized. A lot of people in Brazil are afraid of commitment and so they don't like committing themselves to anything. He explained that we need to explain about the PREPARATION. As missionaries, we are there to help them prepare to be baptized so that they can understand the importance of the plan that God has for us. I´ve seen, throughout the course of my mission, that almost everyone who has been baptized understood better the plan that God has for us as we´ve prepared them for baptism. And they felt more committed to the church because of that. President Kuceki said that when we invite people to be baptized, we should explain first about this preparation. It was something so simple and so easy, that I felt retarded after he said it haha. 

Then we had a zone meeting this week. In front of President haha. Oh my gosh this is my second meeting in front of him and I get a little nervous every single time. But anyway, we explained about this preparation and the zone really loved it! We noticed after that our zone started marking more dates and had more success this week. It was really cool! It goes to show that we need to follow the councils of President Kuceki. 

Colin at church in Uberaba

Colin and Elder McLane

Anyway! We have two dates for this Saturday! Geni and Genival and it´s going to be awesome. We also marked a date with Hanna!! (who is Tania's daughter) for the 16th!!! She hasn´t been able to go to church these past few weeks because she is always working, but Tania told us the other day that Hanna wants to get baptized before I get transferred (which could be really soon :/) Pray for her that she may be able to go to church as well!!!!!

That´s about it. Love you guys!!

ELder Hanson

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