Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Goiania - Week 82

Dear Family,

     Transferências!!!!!!!! Haha I got transferred this past week. Dad, you asked me if I ever thought that I would ever work in Goiânia a few weeks ago. The truth is, no,  but that´s exactly where I got transferred haha. Actually now I´m working in the dead center of Goiânia and the ward is called Ala Goiânia (Goiania Ward) haha. It´s a pretty cool area! It´s where the mission office is and where we meet for huge mission meetings. There´s millions of buildings and it´s really crowded and overwhelming. Our chapel is really nice, but it´s super far away from where we live so it´s kind of complicated to bring investigators to church. Our members have to give everyone a ride. But it´s fine! I´m really excited to work here. 

     My companion´s name is Elder Santos. He´s from Curitiba Brazil. I had actually met him before way back in Rio Verde. He was my district leader there for awhile, and I thought that he was kind of arrogant back then haha. But he´s changed (a little bit haha) and I really like him. I´m zone leaders with him here in the Goiânia zone, so that´s pretty cool. Elder Bezerra is in my zone here and he´s one of the district leaders. Elder Santos seemed really sad for the first couple of days this week, and I wasn´t really sure why. But then he told me that his last companion was super trunky (this means that he wanted to go home) and didn´t really want to work. They haven´t baptized anybody in this ward since February! That´s so crazy. I was super surprised when I heard that. But I´m looking to change that completely. This area is great! I honestly have no idea how they haven´t baptized anyone in so long. Especially in an zone leader area, you have to set the example for everyone else! It´s crazy to me. But I talked with him and said that I´m here to work and so you can forget about everything that´s happened. After that, he became more focused and started working together with me. We got some pretty good work done here already! We have 3 baptismal dates marked and we brought 6 people to church! I think that made Elder Santos really happy. He wants to work so bad and his last companion just brought him down, so I´m sure things will change here. He´s an MMA fighter and he´s kind of intimidating :/. But he´s cool.

     We´re teaching a family right now, but the parents aren´t married but they love church so much. They´re a real humble family as well, they don´t have a ton of money, so we´re trying to see how we can help them get married. Their names are Luciana, Weslei, and Ana (their daughter). They´re awesome.

     We´re also teaching this really rich lady named Daura and her son Leandro. They´re really nice and they went to church BY THEMSELVES. haha that never happens! They live in a really nice apartment building really close to the church so it´s easy for them, but still haha. They have dates marked for the 6th of September. 

     There´s another lady that will get married on the 20th of September, named Flavia that wants us to start teaching her next week. She´s been going to church forever, but hasn´t been able to get baptized because of her boyfriend (she lives with him) and so it´s complicated. But they have a marriage date for the 20th! 
She´ll be baptized on the 27th. Só milagres!!

     I´m really excited to work in this area. I really like challenging areas, because they make me have to work really hard. This area shouldn´t be as challenging as much as everyone says it is. Everyone said that the area in Boa Vista is hard, and we had a ton of success there. I´m really excited! 

     Love you guys!! Thanks for all the support! I´ll send some more pictures next week. Tchauzinho!

Elder Hanson

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