Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9, 2014 - Brazil Goiania Mission - Uberaba - Week 71

Dear Family,

Hey guys! Wow, I can´t freaking believe that Sam is already leaving on his mission. I remember that we were talking with Sam and Jenny a year and a half ago talking about how we wouldn´t see each other for 3 years. That seems like that was just a month ago! So crazy how fast the time goes by.

So this week was crazy! We just went crazy working our little fannies off. We had more member present lessons than I´ve had any other week of my mission! The members are awesome here and always willing to help. Especially the youth, the youth are really good here.

We have a baptism for this Saturday! Wooo!!!!! her name is Raynara, and she is from Maranhão (a state in the northeast of Brazil). She´s 17 years old and really excited for her baptism. She´s been progressing really well this past week and we know that everything will work out with her. 

Also, Ricardo´s girlfriend leaves on the 15!!! Finally!!!! So he will be baptized on the 21st. So freaking excited for him. Satan has been doing everything in his power to prevent him from being baptized. Seriously, Ricardo is one of the most elect people I´ve met on my mission so far, and Satan knows it as well. He´s gonna be great in the church and will help out a lot. They announced that his baptism would be on the 21st at church and he got so excited. I´ve never seen anyone who has wanted to change their life so much. He´s awesome.

Also! My two kids are District leaders now!! Elder Neeley is still District Leader here in Uberaba and Elder Thomas is District Leader in Rio Verde now. So proud lol they´re growing up so nicely :)

Alright. You guys are about to freak out right now. So I just got a call right now from the Secretaries of the mission and they aren´t sure yet, alright, but they think that my plane will land in Salt Lake on Christmas Day!!! How crazy is that??? That would just blow my mind. That made me really sad and kind of happy at the same time haha. So weird! They aren´t sure yet so don´t plan anything crazy right now haha so I should know for sure on Wednesday. But yeah, just so you guys know lol.

Other than that, not too much happened this week. We´ve got a lot of people progressing and we should be having great success this next month. It´ll be great! 

Love you guys

Elder Hanson

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