Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 30, 2013 ~ Provo MTC ~ Week 1

Dear Family,

Hey guys!  I am only allowed to write on P-days so that's why I haven't written yet. Sorry the people here are somewhat struggling and told us the wrong P-Day. I felt so bad that Mom was waiting for an e-mail on Tuesday when I couldn't even write. Don't worry though I'm doing fine!  I'll let you know everything that's going on when I can write on Friday (My P-Day).

The only reason I am allowed to write is because they gave us the wrong mailbox #.  It's #265 not #81, so I thought I wasn't getting any mail haha but they've been in box 81.  Put this on Facebook and such lol so everyone knows.

I'll fill you guys in on everything else on Friday. Eu amo voces! (I love you all!)  Please tell everybody to write me because it keeps me sane lol.

Love,  Elder Colin Hanson

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